Strategic Counsel for Design Practice, Design Projects, and Design Industry Partners


I am not a traditional consultant; I am a career practitioner. My perspective and MY PASSION REMAINS FUELED BY MY BELIEF IN THE PROVEN VALUE AND IMPACT OF STRATEGIC DESIGN THINKING.


After four decades in practice and the extraordinary experience over the past fifteen years of collaboration in CannonDesign’s transformation into an integrated, multi-disciplinary global design firm, I still believe there remains remarkable unrealized opportunity to design practice and the entire building industry. It is my purpose to bring this conviction to design practices, design projects and design industry partners who share similar convictions and an optimism for the power of research and design thinking to fuel a future providing greater impact, prosperity and sustainability.




Design Practice

Design practice today—large and small—is challenged by a tsunami of forces threatening both our prosperity and authority if not our very survival. For the past two decades of my four decade career, it has been my job to understand and overcome these challenges at CannonDesign. The formation of this Advisory concept is the next chapter in a career devoted to advancing the voice and authority of the design profession by extension of this privileged experience. Whatever the issue, whatever the objective, I can help—or I know someone who can.

The design of concepts for new success in design practice is, after all, a design problem.

Design Projects

When variables influencing strategic decisions and management of new capital facilities projects require informed perspective beyond available in-house experience or resources, I can help.

With four decades of experience in healthcare, science & tech, education, commercial and civic projects and access to an enormous network of resources, I can tailor an "Owner's Representative" program to the select needs of your project providing a basis for accurate programmatic, conceptual design, budgeting, project management, contract and project delivery decisions from pre-design to construction.

Design Partners

Owners of major capital facilities are recognizing the enormous waste of resources inherent in the design and construction industry and seeking – in some cases developing – alternative strategies. Staying competitive today requires new forms of collaborative teaming, new approaches to rapid design, new insights into market conditions and constant renewal of differentiating messaging.

I have led the design of new enterprise concepts for CannonDesign and consulted with a series of prominent national organizations seeking to design their own new design-delivery constructs. Now is the time to be exploring the next generation of our industry.